Holiday Dialysis in Antalya

Holiday Dialysis in Antalya


Antalya is a large Turkish city on the Mediterranean. With its many beaches, the old harbor and big hotels, Antalya is a popular holiday destination.

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Özel Diatalya Diyaliz Merkezi

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Özel Antalya Nefroloji Diyaliz Merkezi


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Combine your Dialysis treatment with a great time discovering Antalya’s attractions and create an unforgettable holiday dialysis experience.

Kaleici In the old city of Antalya, expect cobbled streets filled with lots of small shops and markets, a lovely harbor and stunning views. Antalya-Kaleici-web Aspendos Antik Tiyatrosu The great Roman theater is one of the best preserved in antiquity. It is still used for performances today thanks to its impressive acoustics. Antalya,-Aspendos-Antik-Tiyatrosu3-web Kaputas Beach Golden sand and a clear azure blue sea. Note: there are a lot of stairs (over 100) required to enter and leave this location. Antalya-Kaputas-beach-web