Aydin | D.med Ege Tatil Dialysis Clinic


Aydin | D.med Ege Tatil Dialysis Clinic

Clinic Information

Our Ege Clinic has a capacity of 42 beds and offers Hemodialysis, as well as Nocturnal Dialysis. More than 17,000 treatments are provided each year. Its newly renovated modern building is located in Söke, the largest district of Aydin Province. Located along the Aegean coast of Turkey near Kusadasi, Altinkum, Izmir, Selcuk, and Ephesus, our clinic is very attractive for patients wishing to receive their dialysis treatment while enjoying their vacation in Turkey. All our Dialysis clinics across Turkey work with international standards for medicine and have an agreement with the insurance company SGK.



Our mission is to drive medical care, with our international team of highly committed specialists to unprecedented levels of medical quality, cost efficiency, and individualized attention.


Our vision is to provide healthcare solutions for a more comfortable way of living in a challenging world.



Clinic Organizational Chart


Hazırlayan Kontrol Eden
İnsan Kaynakları Asistanı Bu dokuman E-imza ile onaylanmıştır

Kontrol Eden
Kalite Müdürü Bu dokuman E-imza ile onaylanmıştır

İnsan Kaynakları Müdürü
Bu dokuman E-imza ile onaylanmıştır

Clinic Quality Unit Organizational Chart


İnsan Kaynakları Asistanı Bu dokuman E-imza ile onaylanmıştır

Kontrol Eden
Kalite Müdürü Bu dokuman E-imza ile onaylanmıştır

İnsan Kaynakları Müdürü Bu dokuman E-imza ile onaylanmıştır

In order to receive our Dialysis Treatment we need you to provide the following documents.

As a Turkish patient please provide your:

  • Identity card
  • Most recent hepatitis test results
  • Epicrisis showing the last treatment date
  • Dialysis report

As an international patient please provide your:

  • Identity card/Passport
  • Most recent hepatitis test results
  • Epicrisis showing the last treatment date
  • Insurance certificate

As an international Yupass patient please provide your:

  • TA12 document
  • Yupass document
  • Dialysis report
  • Identity card/Passport

Quality Studies in Dmed Dialysis Centers

In the dialysis center, Quality Management studies are carried out in line with the Ministry of Health Quality Standards-Dialysis.

The Quality Management Unit is appointed under the coordination of the Clinical Quality Management Director, and all work within the scope of SKS-Dialysis is coordinated by the Quality Management Unit.


The main duties of the Quality Management unit are:

  • SKS ensures the coordination of the studies carried out within the framework of dialysis within the clinic.
  • Follow up on the work done towards corporate goals and objectives.
  • Manage self-assessments.
  • Represent its units in internal and external audits.
  • Manage the processes related to the Event Notification System.
  • Manage processes related to risk management.
  • Manage studies to measure patient and employee satisfaction (survey applications, evaluation of survey results, improvement studies for survey results, patient and employee feedback).
  • Provide in-clinic management of documents within the framework of Dialysis.
  • Follow up on the processes for quality indicators on behalf of the clinic.

Moreover, teams that are affiliated with the Quality Management Unit and who take an active role in quality management studies are defined for the coordination of the tasks carried out within the framework of SKS.

This ensures the active participation of all employees. Our teams are as follows:

  • Infection Control Team
  • Indicator Management Team
  • Patient and Employee Satisfaction Assessment Team
  • Emergency and Disaster Management Team
  • Risk Assessment Team
  • Self Evaluation Team
  • Building Tour Team
  • Suggestion and Complaint Evaluation Team

Feedback and Suggestions

We are committed to maintaining and improving the services we provide to our patients. Our fundamental role is to serve you and offer you the best quality of care.

To this end, we are happy to hear your comments, suggestions and comments on what we are doing well and what we can improve.

Contact Us

+90 256 518 00 88, +90 212 276 34 44


Your Opinions and Suggestions

    Medical Team


    Serdar İncioğlu

    Dialysis Clinic Manager & Responsible Doctor


    Yüksel Timur

    Internal Medicine Specialist

    Head Nurse

    Feruzan Özturlar

    Treatment Options

    • Hemodialysis

    • Nocturnal Dialysis



    06.30 AM –
    09.30 PM


    06.30 AM –
    04.30 PM


    06.30 AM –
    09.30 PM


    06.30 AM –
    04.30 PM


    06.30 AM –
    09.30 PM


    06.30 AM –
    04.30 PM




    Street Cumhuriyet St., Akeller Ave., Number. 66
    Postcode 09200
    Town Söke/Aydın


    +90 256 518 00 88
    +90 256 512 24 22

    Nearby Tourist

    Your favourite tourist spots are just a few minutes away from our dialysis centres.
    Have a relaxing, euphoric holiday dialysis visiting Söke!

    Guzelcamli National Park
    Picturesque national park based in Aydin, with stunning beaches and trails.
    Ephesus Ruins The ancient city of Ephesus holds many fascinating relics of the past to discover. It includes a library and 12,000 capacity theater. Ephesus-Ruins-web Şirince The village of 600 inhabitants prospers through agriculture (olive oil, peaches, wine) and tourism. The area around the village has history dating back to Hellenistic period (323-31 BC). Sirince-web2

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    D.med Healthcare, as a holiday dialysis provider, has a portfolio of several dialysis centers in the most popular tourist cities in Turkey. Our holiday dialysis team would be delighted to assist you in reserving a spot for your holiday dialysis.