At this successful meeting held November 2-3, 2019 in Istanbul, our Head Nurses, Training Nurses, representatives of HQ Turkey and Global HQ met for a successful workshop. During these two days, the HQ representatives gave presentations to communicate new developments and improvements to the clinics in the different business areas such as Quality Management, Medical,…

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2019 | National Kidney Disease Congress, Antalya

The 29th National Congress on Kidney Disease, Dialysis and Transplantation took place in Antalya on October 16-20, 2019. For his poster presentation on how to use medicine in hemodialysis and his clinical experience, Harun Kanmaz, Country Head Nurse at D.med Turkey, won the “Best Poster Presentation Innovation Award.” .

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In 2019, we brought together doctors, nurses, head nurses and administrators from each of our clinics across Turkey in one large event. This is an opportunity to assess our progress and evaluate how we can improve even further while also celebrating what we have achieved. We have awarded our clinics for their efforts in medical,…

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D.med Turkey annual Meeting 2018 - presentation


It is already a tradition that the D.Med Turkish Headquarters invites our clinics’ doctors, head nurses, training nurses and administrators from around the country to come together once a year in order to present our development and discuss and evaluate medical progress. Moreover, we honor clinics with awards for their medical, operational, financial and most…

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Annual meeting held by D.med in Turkey. Lots of people on stage with lights and a D.med presentation behind them.

Take-over of Diaverum Diyaliz Hizmetleri A.Ş.

D.Med Medical Services GmbH gladly announces the purchase of the Turkish operations of Swedish Diaverum Group. Today, 19 clinics in 11 different cities are operated, treating more than 2,200 patients and, served by 500 employees including 33 Doctors, 4 Nephrologists, 171 Dialysis Nurses. Diaverum Diyaliz Hizmetleri A.Ş. is the second biggest renal care provider in…

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