About Dialysis


About Dialysis

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Renal Services

In Turkey, more than 2,500 patients from different cities across the country receive high-quality dialysis treatment in our network of 18 dialysis and home clinics.

We also welcome the world to experience our personalized and exceptional hospitality in our state-of-the-art dialysis centers in Turkey. Each year, we receive international patients from more than 25 countries making us one of the leading providers of vacation dialysis in the country.

Providing the Best
Possible Renal Care
Services for Our Patients

– In-center hemodialysis (HD)
– Home-hemodialysis (HHD)
– Nocturnal Dialysis
– Nursing and counseling
– Renal diet consultation services
– Ultrafiltration


Management in
Our Dialysis Centers

Our dialysis centers operate in conformity with international standards. Monitored by the Global Medical Quality team of the German parent company, we regularly inspect our dialysis centers through standardized audits.

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Patient Experience

There’s nothing missing in my life. I travel frequently and my dream is to visit Russia. I love reading. Despite everything, life is worth living. – Hilal, Turkey


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